Software Engineer Intern

Nov 10 2021


Computer Science


University of Texas at El Paso


Spring 2020


Hourly / Monthly:
$44 / $7620.80

Relocation Stipend:

Work Review

I was neutral about the work that I did.

Challenged me well
Learned a lot
Work felt pointless

What did your project(s) entail? What kinds of tools did you get to work with?

I learned a lot about GoLang, Jenkins, and Docker. However, it felt as if I was just assigned a throwaway project that wont be used in the future.

Manager/Mentor Review

I was Neutral about the work that I did.

Lack of guidance
Not helpful
Poor feedback

How was your relationship with your mentor / manager?

Manager/Mentor were okay, felt like there was poor support from both of them.

Team Review

I was Neutral about the team I worked with.

Lack of communication
No Support

Social Review

I enjoyed the social aspect of my internship.

Environment allowed for interactions
Networking opportunities
There were frequent intern events

What was your favorite thing about the company's culture?

There were virtual intern events in which I met a lot of interesting interns.

Location Review

Housing Arrangement: Other


Company laptop/monitor

Discounts on company products

Free meals

Free swag/merchandise

Final Thoughts

Written Thoughts:

Okay, internship, there is a lot of room for improvement regarding individual teams, overall the company makes a good effort to help the intern experience. A good benefit, however, was the monthly Uber credits (around $200) which I got to use to order food.

Would you recommend this internship to a friend? Yes

Are you returning? Yes