Associate Summer Intern

Oct 01 2021




University of Texas at El Paso

International Student:


Summer 2021


Hourly / Monthly:
$29 / $5022.80

Relocation Stipend:

Work Review

I enjoyed the work that I did.

Easy to understand
Learned a lot
Meaningful work/project

What did your project(s) entail? What kinds of tools did you get to work with?

I designed and developed a strategy to increase member engagement in the LinkedIn group of the Blackstone Charitable Foundation by analyzing the metrics, previous content posted, and audience. I led vendor research around Voluntary Accessibility Product Template certification to ensure that StartupTree, the student entrepreneur platform, comply with accessibility guidelines. Furthermore, I project managed promotional item orders and distribution across 46 colleges and universities. I contributed to creating a playbook for the National Ideas Competition for students in the universities of the LauchPad network. And I consolidated several disparate historical contact lists with stakeholders across the entrepreneurial ecosystem, creating and mapping column headers and data sets to prepare for batch Salesforce upload. Throughout the internship, I used Excel, Box, and Salesforce.

Manager/Mentor Review

I had a Good relationship with my mentor.

Good Communication
Good Feedback

How was your relationship with your mentor / manager?

The relationship with my mentor was great! We worked closely together and would have weekly meetings to check on the progress of my projects, ask for new ideas, and plan future assignments.

Team Review

I enjoyed the team I worked with.


Can you describe some team events?

I enjoyed working with the Blackstone Charitable Foundation team as they all were very professional and approachable. I participated in every weekly meeting and was encouraged to share my opinion.

Social Review

I enjoyed the social aspect of my internship.

A lot of connections

What was your favorite thing about the company's culture?

Although my internship was virtual, I had the opportunity to network with the members of the team and other professionals from The Blackstone Group.

Location Review

Housing Arrangement: Other


Company swag provided

Flexible Schedule

Laptop/Monitor provided

Final Thoughts

Written Thoughts:

I had a great time during this internship with the Blackstone Charitable Foundation team. The team was very welcoming, professional, and supportive. My favorite projects were leading vendor research to recommend obtaining certification for accessibility compliance and developing a marketing strategy to increase engagement in the LaunchPad LinkedIn group. I liked that my opinion was valuable to the team when they requested my feedback regarding validating new resources before adding them to the LaunchPad program. Although leaving the city was not possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I would have loved to have this internship experience in the foundation's office located in New York.

Would you recommend this internship to a friend? Yes.

Are you returning? No, I did not get a return offer.