Engineering Program Manager

Sep 29 2021


Computer Science


The University of Texas at El Paso


Summer 2021


Hourly / Monthly:
$44 / $7620.80

Relocation Stipend:

Work Review

I enjoyed the work that I did.

Learned a lot
Meaningful work/project

What did your project(s) entail? What kinds of tools did you get to work with?

I overlooked a hardware project and worked closely with a my iBuddy to help develop the production stage of this product. I communicated with different engineering and businees teams as well as vendors to fix any roadblocks in the development process.

Manager/Mentor Review

I had a Good relationship with my mentor.

Good Communication
Good Feedback

How was your relationship with your mentor / manager?

My iBuddy and I met once a week and communicated daily to prepare for projects and meetings. My manager and I met twice every week to discuss any questions I had about the role and communicated daily.

Team Review

I enjoyed the team I worked with.


Can you describe some team events?

My team held weekly team meetings as well as coffee meetings every Thursday which helped get to know everyone on a more personal level even though it was virtual. Everyone was always open to setting up 1:1 time and assisting me with anything I might need.

Social Review

I enjoyed the social aspect of my internship.

A lot of connections
Environment allowed for interactions
Good worklife balance
There were frequent intern events

What was your favorite thing about the company's culture?

The events held for interns helped drive creativity and bring out your social skills and helped you get to know your peers.

Location Review

Housing Arrangement: Other


Company swag provided

Discounts provided

Flexible Schedule

Housing assistance

Laptop/Monitor provided

Vacation provided

Final Thoughts

Written Thoughts:

I really enjoyed everyone on my team and how they all came from different engineering backgrounds. They each gave me a new perspective into what being an EPM is really about and how it changes you as an engineer. I am excited to take the skills I acquired from this experience and move forward with my studies with a whole new perspective into the technology industry.

Would you recommend this internship to a friend? Yes

Are you returning? Not sure.