Engineering and Design Intern

Mar 27 2021


Mechanical Engineering


The University of Texas at El Paso


Spring 2020

Cape Canaveral, FL

Hourly / Monthly:
$18 / $3117.60

Relocation Stipend:

Work Review

I enjoyed the work that I did.

What did your project(s) entail? What kinds of tools did you get to work with?

I was tasked to be a Mechanical Engineering Mentor for a FIRST Robotics Competition team to aid in engineering and design changes made to robot. I worked with many hand tools ( Drills, rivets, screwdrivers, etc...) and machinery including Drill Press, Sander, CNC, Water Jet.

Manager/Mentor Review

I had a Good relationship with my mentor.

How was your relationship with your mentor / manager?

My mentor answered all my questions and approved design changes I made but also let me struggle and learn. He also gave me more responsibility as I went through my internship.

Team Review

I enjoyed the team I worked with.

Can you describe some team events?

Had team meetings Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Social Review

I enjoyed the social aspect of my internship.

What was your favorite thing about the company's culture?

Everyone is very excited for space Launches that happen and because they happen at this location everyone knows about them and gets together to watch the launches happening.

Location Review

I enjoyed the location of where my internship took place.

How did the geographic location affect the quality of your internship?

Being on the coast of Florida was really fun. It was really fun to be able to go to the beach every week and there are many activities nearby like rock climbing gym and paintballing. Also, Orlando is not too far away from where most interns usually stay at so there are a lot of things to do in the area.

Housing Arrangement: Other


Excursion/Tours provided

Flexible Schedule

Gym available

Laptop/Monitor provided

Final Thoughts

Written Thoughts:

I liked the opportunity I had to be able to interact with the Prototype Lab at the Kennedy Space Center where you see all prototype projects being done at the center. I enjoyed watching the Rocket launches that happened while I was there which were really cool and fun. As my first Internship I was able to gain meaningful experience in CAD design working with Engineers with 20+ years of experience all while seeing many great things happening in my surroundings.

Would you recommend this internship to a friend? Yes.

Are you returning? No, I did not get a return offer.