Nov 17 2020


Mechanical Engineering



Summer 2020

Pontiac , MI

Hourly / Monthly:
$24.25 / $4200.10

Relocation Stipend:

Work Review

I enjoyed the work that I did.

Manager/Mentor Review

I had a Good relationship with my mentor.

Team Review

I was Neutral about the team I worked with.

Social Review

I did not enjoy the social aspect of my internship.

Location Review

I was Neutral about the location of where my inernship took place.

Housing Arrangement: Other


Company swag provided

Discounts provided

Flexible Schedule

Housing assistance

Laptop/Monitor provided

Vacation provided

Final Thoughts

Written Thoughts:

This was an interesting summer internship considering we are in the middle of a pandemic. I had a hybrid experience of both getting to go in person & being able to work from my apartment. I think the company did a great job at making its workers feel safe. The temperature of every individual who walked into the facility was taken. As well as making sure everyone who came in got a new mask each time. Sanitation stations were always available & easy to spot. My overall experience was very unique as I had very little contact with other people. I worked very much at my own pase & was given help when asked. I got to learn a new software as well as how the manufacturing side of the building process is made. I was also given the opportunity to work on trainings for different topics outside of my assignment that I found interesting. I was provided housing with one roommate as supposed to the usual 4 people per apartment. Since we could not meet in person, they did hold weekly lunch socials through Zoom for the interns. My team made me feel like an asset and I think my contribution will be used for future projects that will benefit the company. Overall, I had fun & learned a lot.

Would you recommend this internship to a friend? Yes.

Are you returning? Yes.