STEP Intern

Sep 10 2020


Computer Science



Summer 2020


Hourly / Monthly:
$33 / $5715.60

Relocation Stipend:

Work Review

I enjoyed the work that I did.

Manager/Mentor Review

I had a Good relationship with my mentor.

Team Review

I enjoyed the team I worked with.

Social Review

I was Neutral about the social aspect of my internship.

Location Review

I did not enjoy the location of where my internship took place.

Housing Arrangement: Other


Company swag provided

Discounts provided

Flexible Schedule

Laptop/Monitor provided

Final Thoughts

Written Thoughts:

This being my first virtual internship, it was definitely one I learned a lot from. Coming in, all I knew was the projects were open-sourced and weren't sure if I would learn much. I learned so much about software development and more. I enjoyed attending intern events and having work calls with my intern friends. As a virtual internship, it was definitely an experience I won't forget. While it wasn't the traditional intern-experience, it definitely was a great virtual internship.

Would you recommend this internship to a friend? Yes.

Are you returning? Not sure.