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Invite friends. Use the site. Get rewarded

Invite friends for rewards.

Send your invite link to your friends using the link above to refer them.*

Refer 1 friend

10 Bit Points

Refer 5 friends


Refer 25 friends*


Number of verified students that you have referred: 0
*Get the referral when their account is successfully approved. Other prizes for inviting friends coming soon :)

Create content, get points

Get Bit Points everytime someone finds your post helpful. You can get Bit Points through creating the content below.

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End of Summer Offer. Review your recent internship and get $10. Send your venmo using the contact us below after you submit your review!

Bit Points

Bit Points measure how helpful a post is. If a post is helpful for you in any way, we encourage you to mark as "Helpful". You have unlimited bits to give away, and eventually, the Bit Points awarded to you will be redeemable for cool stuff (or cash).

Other rewards?

Did one of these guys offer you some other incentive to create content? Let us know using the Contact Us page where you heard it from for your reward.