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Great Experience!
College Student Tech Spec • Grand Prairie, TX • Mon Nov 30 2020

"I had been interning for Lockheed Martin for a while, so my mentor gave me the ability to move to the Dallas location to intern for another project. There, I worked in the facility for 3 weeks until the pandemic grew worse and was switched to virtual. This transition was smooth and did not limit the work I had already been doing. The intern coordinators still did their best to host virtual meetings and engage interns in fun projects. This was a great learning experience, and I definitely enjoyed the city of Dallas, TX. I was also offered a full-time position shortly after the internship which I proceeded to accept."

Best Virtual Internship
Software Engineering Intern • VIRTUAL • Thu Nov 19 2020

"I loved my internship. Originally, it was supposed to be in-person, but it ended up being moved to virtual for COVID. I just say that I still felt like I had an impactful experience in both directions. I learned so much about potential careers, what the company did, and what my coworkers were working on. Plus I was assigned my own project which is currently being used to make Lockheed Martin better. I always felt like I was apart of the team, even though I was hundreds of miles away. The work was fun, the pay was GREAT, and I still got to participate it a lot of internship activities. I joined a book club and visited presentations to meet and network with Lockheed employees outside of my team. It was great! I will say the hours were long, 10 hour shifts, but we got every Friday off. My mentor was available at any time and always made sure to talk to me at a level I would understand based on my school knowledge. He even spent hours teaching me about useful things I should now to become a better Software Engineer. I got a return internship offer in another competency and i will definitely be attending! "

Best Experience!
College Student Tech spec • El Paso, TX • Mon Nov 30 2020

"I am a part of the first group of LM interns at the El Paso location and it has been an experience like no other. My supervisor is very insightful and has helped me network with many subject matter experts and leaders. Being a completely new program, the team and I are still getting a hold of things and I am always learning something new. This internship is also year-round and I will be working there until I graduate. I have already been interning there for a little over 1 year and it has been a great experience. It has been really neat working part-time and attending classes for university at the same time. "

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