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Decent Time Given Situation
Software Engineer Intern • VIRTUAL • Thu Sep 10 2020

"It was a very challenging internship for a virtual environment but from previous experience, interning at Google is a very fun and interesting experience. This was my second experience at Google and I am up for a full-time conversion now. I converted to a SWE intern as a STEP intern and that conversion was great for freshmen and sophomores looking for experience. I’d recommend all computer science students apply for the interview experience; the experience of internship interview and full-time interview is similar and there can never be too much practice. "

Great time!
STEP Intern • Denver, CO • Thu Sep 10 2020

"The internship was an all around great experience. My bosses were very helpful, and my team was just great. Would definitely recommend!"

Great Virtual Internship
STEP Intern • VIRTUAL • Thu Sep 10 2020

" This being my first virtual internship, it was definitely one I learned a lot from. Coming in, all I knew was the projects were open-sourced and weren't sure if I would learn much. I learned so much about software development and more. I enjoyed attending intern events and having work calls with my intern friends. As a virtual internship, it was definitely an experience I won't forget. While it wasn't the traditional intern-experience, it definitely was a great virtual internship."

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