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Great learning experience
EXCEL/TRACK Student • Warren, MI • Tue Nov 17 2020

"The summer I spent with General Motors was full of learning and teaching moments. I was provided with the tools necessary to learn. My project was based on skills that I did not have, but, was able to obtain throughout a series of trainings provided by the company. I was also given the opportunity to work on community service and enrich the youth from local elementary and middle schools on manufacturing engineering activities throughout a series of workshops. I was also lucky enough to go on tours of other General Motors locations and manufacturers. My favorite part was getting to interact with other interns in student catered events such as baseball games, go kart racing, and project expo alongside my roommates. Overall it was a really fun experience! 10/10 would do it again. "

Interesting due to COVID
EXCEL/TRACK Student • Pontiac , MI • Tue Nov 17 2020

"This was an interesting summer internship considering we are in the middle of a pandemic. I had a hybrid experience of both getting to go in person & being able to work from my apartment. I think the company did a great job at making its workers feel safe. The temperature of every individual who walked into the facility was taken. As well as making sure everyone who came in got a new mask each time. Sanitation stations were always available & easy to spot. My overall experience was very unique as I had very little contact with other people. I worked very much at my own pase & was given help when asked. I got to learn a new software as well as how the manufacturing side of the building process is made. I was also given the opportunity to work on trainings for different topics outside of my assignment that I found interesting. I was provided housing with one roommate as supposed to the usual 4 people per apartment. Since we could not meet in person, they did hold weekly lunch socials through Zoom for the interns. My team made me feel like an asset and I think my contribution will be used for future projects that will benefit the company. Overall, I had fun & learned a lot."

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