About Us

When I received my first internship offer for the Spring semester, I knew I had a big decision to make. Delay my graduation further or spend 14 weeks in Huntsville, Al, a city I had never heard of until that day. I barely even knew what an internship was, and I did not know how useful it was for my career. Never living in another city completely alone before, I was leaning towards declining the offer, I was really lost in my decision and I could not find any details online about this internship.
Thankfully, I ended up accepting the offer, which led to an amazing experience, career growth and even personal development. This is where the idea of internbytes came into play. The goal is to create a website where students can share their experience, look for opportunities, and help with decision-making. As internbytes grows, I hope it can help a student like me who was stressing over what to do, asked for countless advice, and spent hours trying to find anything that would make my decision certain. Dont miss an opportunity that can change your life.
- Max

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